Friday, 21 November 2014

Mid summer,making changes.".

Hello there,I hope you are all enjoying your Friday.This post is about how I had to change and overcome a few things in my life this summer,though now I can see why.!!!.We all need to listen when specialists tell us to stop!!!!.So here I am with a basket of wool that would normally be meters of fabulous fabric.My eldest daughter introduced me to YOUR world of Bloging,I was hooked but through this YOU have all helped me....yes all of you.I could go on your blogs and dream of things I would love to do,Teresa Kasner,Lucy..Attic 24,Mias landliv,and many many more have taught me to crochet,knit and be so happy about my new hobbys.So now you all know how HAPPY you have all made me I shall close for today,so I shall see you soon take care until next🎀

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