Thursday, 30 March 2017

 This photo was taken four years ago on our ruby wedding anniversary,on Saturday it will be 45years we've had our ups and downs just like everyone does,but every minute was worth it,my best friend and my love.i am trying to do this blog on my I pad,things are not going as I want them to,so I will explain the rest of my photos from here.This is a Christmas tree I made a few years ago it was and still does adorn a beauty salon at Christmas and I have just found the pattern so I shall masked more this year.As you know we have a little dog called Harry,well he is ill,he started a few years ago to have ceasures and it's got worse,he's on medication now as he has a liver problem and a lesion on his brain,at the moment he can still be playful but soon tires,we are trying to keep him for as long as we can but one things get painful for him we will have to do the right thing by him,ok I must say thank you to you all for still visiting my blog I know it's been a while but once I get this silly I pad to do what I want it will be easier to do more,for now you all take care,.Una.,xxx

Saturday, 8 October 2016

flying by.

Well hello,i hope i find you all well and enjoying life,i cant believe that my last post was in January,where has the time gone its just flown.I want to thank you all as in my absence you have all still been visiting my blog,as i have been visiting yours and i have enjoyed very many good reads along the way,hints and tips that have cheered me up no end.,so far this year we have had fun with our family so not much crafting really,but i have done a little crochet but no sewing to speak of,as you can see i am finding fabrics out to start a project and my youngest grandson would like a quilt for his room. 
As you can see my little friend is also enjoying himself and keeping me on my toes,if i sit at my kitchen table for lunch he has to be on his daddys chair opposite me,bless him hes so cute and spoilt and now i think hes more spoilt as my darling has retired,yes he has he retired in June,but he has plenty to keep him happy as he is building a small garden railway and it is looking quite good,so between this and walking Harry hes very well occupied .
I finally found my hexagon templates,i looked every where and my eldest daughter Tracy had them,so now i can start my new cushions for our bed,i have seen some beautiful hexagon quilts on a blog but i dont think i could sit that long making them all,so a small project with them will have to do.
Look at my lovely Peony`s,shall i make you smile,,well last year they got ruined with all of the rain we had so this year my darling fixed umbrellas over them,and yes it worked i had beautiful bloomes that lasted until they died naturally,but we are thankful that we had such a fabulous summer,outdoor living and dining what more can we ask.
This was a little apple tree but to my horror had to be taken out to make way for the garden railway,as lots of things had to be moved out of that part of the garden  but as thing are coming along quite nicely with it i didnt mind,so we gave it away to a good home.As im writing this blog i feel as if iv missed something i dont know what but if this dosent go acording to plan i know iv done something wrong(again)its been so long since my last one i have forgoten how to upload photos from my i pad into my blogs so that i shall have to figure out again ,so if this dosent turn out you know why!!!!!
Do you remember me buying this wool,at the time i was in love with it,i really was....until i tried to crochet with word its like sewing thread my crochet stitches were so tiny i just could not do it,not only were they tiny i could not see the pattern,i know im a coward for giving up but at least im being honest about it,i have seen so many beautiful garments and shawls made with this fine wool and i just wanted to make one for myself,i am disappointed very actualy but i will love fine garments from afar or buy them.
This is the last lot of fabric to be sorted out in teacup cottage all of the rest has been done,i left this until last as its christmas fabric well some of it and i will start a few gift projects soon,,im sure you all have at least one messy fabric cupboard we wouldn`t be fabric lovers otherwise.Anyway i hope you enjoy reading my blog and i wont leave it so long until the next one.,so you all take care and stay

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Happy New Year.

 Well hello,and a happy new year to you all,i hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year,i know we did and we enjoyed every minute of all the hustle and bustle.Do you like my flowers,they are just some of the many that i received for my birthday,dont you just love flowers,they make me smile and feel loved.
I love the glass dome all dressed up for the season,it has little lights and they were lit every evening in our lounge,they were very relaxing and we looked forward to our quiet time just the two of us,i mean lets face it,at this time of year nobody really gets a minute to themselves.
My favorite...a trifle i just love it,and this year i made a boozy one(yummy),well if the Grand Marnier is good enough for Ina Garten(barefoot contessa )its good enough for me.I was going to put fruit soaked in lacquer in it but i thaught it would knock every ones socks off,but i must say it was lovely and i will make it again.
As you can see our little darling has also enjoyed himself,plenty of walks because Daddy is on holiday,he also loves this little quilt and one of my wraps that he lays his little head on,not a bad life is it Harry.!!!!...
A new lantern that i am so in love with,and why is runs on batteries,its fabulous,my sister gave it to me as part if my birthday gift,and i must say its great as in the past iv always loved them but the smell was awful because they worked by putting oil in them,so one very happy antique little girl am i,the easiest thing in the world and the cleanest.
Do you remember my last post...rewiring had to be done everywhere.Well behind this picture is the most ugly electricity box you have ever seen and its big!!!!!.infact its so big it just would not fit into the cupboard where the old one lived,its a nightmare,so up comes Mr B with a fab idea.
My darling said he would make me a wooden guard,you know what i a mini fire guard to go around the box and he would paint it for me,it made me think of a collage with cut up magazines,and i have many of those,so the guard was made now it was up to me to think what to do,and this is the result,center page from one of my magazines and lots of flowers to cover the rest i even did the inside,so at last the problem was solved quite quickly and cheaply,and were both happy with the end result..what do you think!!!!.Anyway thats enough for today,so you all take care and stay safe,my best wishes to you all.xUna.x.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Were in a mess.

 Hello once again....i feel really sorry that i have been absent for so long,well then let me explain.Do you remember way back in April when we were in a mess through central heating being fitted and every room had to be decorated,well we had a not bad summer,more busy than usual but enjoyable,teacup was never really tidied up after it was used to store our furniture.
 As you can see,so we decided it was time to sort it out,half way through we received a letter,are you ready for this !!!!.they needed to come back and rewire my little bungalow,,,i can here you ask why this let me say that when i took ill we downsized to a rented bungalow and sold our house and i do love living here now,and things have to be updated i do understand this but why didnt they do these things all together so we only had one mess.So all of our things had to be packed up again,every room had to stripped down and to bare because of the mess they said they would make.
And i must say the mess was so bad that my daughters didnt want us to stay here,but i insisted we would be ok,,that i think was a silly move,it was like the thickest fog of brick dust i think anyone could possibly make,but on a good note they did put the sockets so i could reach them as i couldnt before,as for the decorating it is now all finished ready for Christmas but it has been a very tiring 8 weeks and i still havent got everything back into the house yet,but were getting there.
On a more positive note,and im sorry for ranting on.When my granddaughter was a baby i gave her these two bears,say hello to Emily and Winston i had had them for a while they sat on my bed,well now she is growing up and is quite a trendy young girl she has given them back to me as she didnt want them to go in the loft with the rest of her toys,so hence they are back on our bed,very cute.
So inbetween all of the above i have managed to do some of my hobbies,this beautiful lightweight wool that i hope i can make a shawl with,but i must say its like crocheting with cotton,so we shall have to see how i get on with it,,when it arrived it was in such a pretty organza bag.
Also after all of the mess we decided to have new lounge furniture,so i made this little quilt to go over the rather large footstool,i used up some of my scrap stash,i love American stars and stripes,i did look on ebay for more but couldnt find any as i wanted a larger quilt but this will have to do.
I have also been working very slowly i must add on this Christmas quilt,not much more to do but time just wont let me do everything that i want to do,is it like that at your house or is it just me it can be very frustrating.,especially when i see what you my blogging friends are doing for this season,im way behind this year,i just don`t feel motivated for some reason,maybe this year has been too out of control with everything thats been going on and very tiring and i do feel tired i do admit that,i really hope that next year is quieter.So thats all for now,i hope you are all well,and staying

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Thank you.

I must say a big thank you to a lovely lady named Ali,who not only loves my garden but has guided me in the direction of putting a Follow me button on my blog,i did as you said and it worked(i hope,but wont know until someone tries it)so to thank you i am posting more flowers just for you.If i could personally give you the bouquet of Cinderella roses i would...but they are for you Ali.                                          
I hope that you my dear blogging friends are all well,how is your summer where you live,we are having a shockingly wet one,but we hope for better weather next month.!!!!at the moment im trying to get on with my new crochet project as i told you i have been ill with the shingles and started it then,but i must say that its not growing as quickly as i wanted it to,well with everyday things we can only do so much before other things interfere or invade your space,so when this happens this lovely cup and saucer get frequent use.
This little book cover as you can see is rather pretty,i made several a few years ago and gave them away as you never know when you forget a friends birthday or just to say thank you to someone,i think they are a great little gift my grandchildren gave them to teachers when they moved class as a thank you...note to self i must make some more.
Do you like this rather large bag that i made?it was made so i could carry all of my sewing things together especially when making a quilt,the large inside pockets are big enough for everything you need and more.everything on the outside of the bag i have done by hand..i love hand sewing and applique work.
The lining fabric i loved so much as its all coloured dress making pins very appropriate dont you think,but it took quite some time to do all of the hand sewing but i must say i enjoyed it immensely.I have been looking in tea cup cottage for a template....i cant find it and theirs no wonder,its packed to the rafters with stuff i should put away,things i dont use very often i should put in a box and mark it.
For some reason i have Christmas fabric mixed with Linens,are you the same we just get carried away when making something it never goes back to where it should,well thats it then i must have an afternoon sorting it all out..if one little afternoon will be enough i can here myself laughing already.Well i think thats all for this time,i shall keep on watching your blogs happy and stay safe until next time.x.Una.x.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Flowers and crochet.

 Hello again,i hope i find you all well and enjoying summer wherever you are in the world.Our summer didn`t start to well as i hurt my back in late May and it put me out of action for a few weeks,i had just started to feel well again then low and behold i came down with shingles and i might say that the pain at times has been unbearable i have shed tears with this awful virus,but today i have no pain so hopefully im on the mend.Our garden is looking lovely,some of the flowers are adorable colours.
 Some of my plants didn`t do so well last year and i thaught they would have died through the winter months so im pleased that they look so pretty this year.
 Im having some beautiful roses and they are bigger and more fragrant than ever,it must have been the food we put down in the autumn ready for winter,im not sure your supposed to do that but it obviously did some good so i shall do the same this year.
 We have had very beautiful Peony`s these must be one of my favorite flowers,i don`t know about you but i do wish they would last all summer,such a happy flower that does not last long enough to be truly appreciated,most of the time they get heavily rained on then fall over with the weight,i was really bad this year and cut them to bring into the house....
 Just a few of them that waited to bloom after the heavy rain had gone,the garden smelt divine.
 This is what my darling did for me when i didn`t feel well,i really wanted to sit out to do some crochet but it was a little chilly so he lit the chiminea bless him and we had a lovely time and look what i got finished.
 Yes finally its all done!!!!!.What do you think?to say im not a crocheter i don`t think i did to bad,its the exact size i what do you think,,,do you think i should do a border around the edge,i have enough wool left (i think)but i dont want to mess it up,i might go to Lucy at Attic 24 to learn how to edge,after all its her ripple blanket pattern so its only fitting to do her edging,maybe at a later date as its quite heavy i should make it a winter project and be warm at the same time.
It looks quite cute all folded up neatly,you wouldn`t think it so big as to fit a king size bed,anyway i have with much enthusiasm started a new ripple blanket,we are having new lounge furniture and i want this one to match sooooo watch this space and i will show you next time.I have been watching all of your blogs and the wonderful things you are all up to this summer and i must say im thoroughly enjoying myself with you all..i have a question for you savy do i get to put a follow me tag on my blog..iv a couple of ladies that want to follow me but i dont have this and dont know how to do it..HELP...well until next time stay safe..have more fun..but take care..xx Una xx.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hello once again.

Well hello my friends,its been quite some time since my last blog...and it has not been fun.As you can see we needed a complete new heating system,everything had to be moved and i can tell you i wont want anything doing again in a hurry the mess and dust were ridiculous.
 All radiators had to be replaced and so did all of the pipework,this was a massive job,but i must say the contractors were great and very helpful,shame they didnt hang around to do all of the decorating,every room had to be done thank goodness we live in a bungalow and the rooms not to big.
Old boiler gone and the new one in the cupboard next to the fire place and a new fire goes here,we left everything just as you see for a week so the dust would settle,oh and this was done on our wedding anniversary can you believe through all of that i have tried to keep an eye on what your all posting but just not had any time or energy to do one myself.
Can you see why our little Harry has taken to our bed,thoroughly fed up with himself as he can`t get to his favorite place for sleeps,he even unmade the bed so he could get under the quilt to hide from the noise.
Anyway i have been buying a couple of quilts from my friend Heath he owns our local sewing supply shop,well its a lot more than that actually he knows everything about sewing quilts clothes and more i think you would be impressed.i will explain more at a later date about him selling his business.
So much has been happening that i can`t tell you all at once,but i have missed writing my little blog for you all to share in my little world.Do you like my new little tea cup,its a left handed cup iv never seen one before and because im left handed my eldest daughter Tracy got it for mothers day for me,i also got a beautiful scarf from my youngest daughter and its a seaside theme i shall take a photo and show you next time its so lovely..I have so much to show you but it will have to wait...i hope your all ok and enjoying the better weather,we have had terrible winds and rain just lately and im hopping for a lovely summer,so until next time.Take