Monday, 9 February 2015

Just can`t make up my mind.

 Well Hello everyone,Happy Monday to you all...the Sun is shinning here today and boy it really lifts ones spirit,our weekend was very bright and sunny but very frosty at night,i hope your weekend was as good as ours.What do you think of this quilt??? it`s been made for a few years now,i didn`t like it when i made it,so i made some changes.
For some reason it just does not make me happy,its made from linen and although i love the different colours of the fabric i`m still not satisfied with it.When i first made it i thought that i had to many of the plain colours that ended up i made little hearts out of the patterned fabric to sew onto the plain as you can see,but i`m still not sure maybe it needs more hearts"what do you think"?
 I just hate it when your not in love with something you worked hours on (BLOOD,SWEAT,BACK ACHE)and i really don`t like hiding things away in a blanket box,we should use what we make and be proud to show them off right!!!!!
So i have cut out more hearts to put on,i`m just going to pin them on until i make up my mind,i don`t want to over do this and make it look worse than it already is...i think it could be the colour of the dark beige linen that i don`t like.Aw well it`s to late to take it all apart now!!!!.
In my last post i showed you the large shawl i made for my Mum,it turned out lovely and that`s thanks to Teresa Kasner (one again thank you)i gave it to my Mum on Saturday and she loved`s it she was so pleased with what i had done for her.Well i`m off now to do some more of my crochet blanket i can`t wait to finish it,so until next time,,,take care,,,

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