Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Baby in my life.

 well hello everyone,i hope you are all ok and the weather is being kind to you,the last couple of days have been lovely here quite cold but lovely sunshine.What do you think of my new baby boy...he has come to me from a charity shop,,,hes so cute and is a miniature of my childhood bear Magic Ted,that has always been his name because if i was ill as a child he made me feel better.
My grandchildren have all loved him when they were ill...over the years i have replaced the fabric on his paws,he was wearing away and loosing his stuffing the back of his head is going bald so is his nose but he is very old now and he spends his life on my bed,so my eldest daughter Tracy said he needed a friend and she found him for me,wasn`t that kind.So he has pride of place with Magic Ted,i haven`t named him yet,he also is very old and going bald so maybe he needs a cute name!!!!!
 Now my fury baby boy thinks he`s got a claim on anything new that comes home!!so i have told him he can`t have the baby,can you just see the look on his face,is this a sad look of i`m in shock that you have said NO to me how could you mummy,well i just did and i mean it.....i know  i know but i still love you..!!!
At the moment i`m getting on with these lovely hexagons in all different sizes,and because i said no to Harry he has rolled all over them,they were in order..guess there not now.!!!
Some of them are so tiny and it takes ages to get a few done(very fiddly)but worth it in the end,i think they look good on the edges of towels and tablecloths and i`m in the middle of a dolls dress so i might put some round the hem line,they do look pretty.
If you can see the little clear bag with hexi`s in i got them from ebay thinking it was a good idea,well it was at the time but they are not supported by a card they are precut and that makes them a nightmare to fold and sew,guess they wont get used then...
So thats what i`v been up to not just my ripple blanket although it is nearly finished i think i just needed a little break from it for a few days...i shall be back on track tomorrow i hope.!!!.So i shall say bye for now,until next time stay

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