Friday, 30 January 2015


Do you remember when i told you about my Ripple blanket,well here it is!!!,i don`t have it finished yet but i`m well on my way,as i want it to fit my king sized bed i maybe have twenty more rows to go(i hope).The thing is i just want it to fit from the pillows to the bottom not to hang over to much.
Do you love Sunbonnet Sue as much as i do?these little lovelies make my heart sing when i`m making them,soooooo many to choose from,so in time i will make them all,well all of them in my book anyway.

 So pretty,they make lovely gifts for family and friends,my ambition was to make a quilt for my bed but we don`t always get round to doing everything on our wish we...

As you can see i have my pictures in a muddle,i hope you don`t mind?as i`m still learning your world of this fascinating blog life.As i told you before this pattern is from Lucy over on Attic 24,she makes such lovely things and her tutorials are so easy to follow...well they must be i`v got this far with my blanket,and i hope to soon have it finished!!!,i know your all out their,and i would so love for you to leave me a comment,then i can pop in to see you...until next time stay safe and warm..Una.x.


  1. Hi mum,love this post but I love them all can't wait to see you Tuesday lots of love tracy xx 😍😘