Friday, 23 January 2015

Stretching then Framing.

 Wow,iv just found this in my wardrobe...i should be ashamed of myself,this is for my Daughter.
Isn"t it lovely?It has taken a good number of years to finally get it finished then i just put it away
so now i must get it all ready for framing,its for my eldest Daughter and her husband Jason,he does so much for us and nothing is too much trouble for him,so i think i had better get my skates on.....
as you can see it"s all about our English Heritage,it"s a sampler by Anchor and called Literary sampler,i don"t know if it"s available anymore as i"v had this quite some time.
We still have the volumes of Shakespeare and all of Beatrix Potter,she was a favorite with our grandchildren and with me of course i find they sooth ones soul,and i love the memories of past times.I hope you all enjoy my post today,so until next time,take care,stay

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