Saturday, 14 March 2015

Quiet morning tea and spring flowers.

 Hello again,i hope that you are all well and having a quiet Saturday so we have built up our energy ready for the family that will walk through the door tomorrow as it is Mothers day,and i`m sure we will all be very happy to see them.I started my day with my baby teapot full of breakfast tea and my favourite cup and saucer.
Do you like my little teapot lights....i`v put them along my little shelf in the kitchen,and they look so pretty,i must start to clear some of my books out,mostly cookery books that i don`t use anymore i don`t know how this shelf has stayed on the wall the books are very heavy i guess that`s one more box to go to the charity shop.
This is a little quilt i made a few years ago,its called washed and worn and you buy it already cut into all different shapes and sizes the best thing about it is the fabric is all Flannelette sheeting and feels lovely,i do recognize some of the fabrics from my childhood,i think we all had candy stripe sheets and the big checks.
This quite large stool was made for us by our eldest daughter Tracy and her husband Jayson for our 40"wedding anniversary and the fabric is cream brocade,i didn`t want anything to get spilled over it as the fabric is so nice and that is why i made the little quilt,i can just throw that in the washer.
We have some very pretty spring bulbs and flowers coming through at the moment,also my roses have new shoots beginning to show,i get very exited when the spring flowers come its a good sign that winter is almost over..
I love crocus they are such an understated little flower,they show they`re pretty little selves in the snow ,rain and high winds i think they make us smile and feel the warmth of the warmer weather to come.Why they are growing on the lawn...we just don`t know they usually grow in my borders,then all at once here they are looking lovely but in the wrong place!!!! We did think that Harry would spoil them,it`s as if he new because he walks round them.Mr B has cut the lawn today as its been quite nice here,i hope its good weather where you are...Until next time stay safe and well..Una,xxx

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  1. I popped back to read more of your blog and it is delightful to read.. I read right back and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Some lovely pics and very nice crocheting too.
    I shall come again!