Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hello once again.

Well hello my friends,its been quite some time since my last blog...and it has not been fun.As you can see we needed a complete new heating system,everything had to be moved and i can tell you i wont want anything doing again in a hurry the mess and dust were ridiculous.
 All radiators had to be replaced and so did all of the pipework,this was a massive job,but i must say the contractors were great and very helpful,shame they didnt hang around to do all of the decorating,every room had to be done thank goodness we live in a bungalow and the rooms not to big.
Old boiler gone and the new one in the cupboard next to the fire place and a new fire goes here,we left everything just as you see for a week so the dust would settle,oh and this was done on our wedding anniversary can you believe through all of that i have tried to keep an eye on what your all posting but just not had any time or energy to do one myself.
Can you see why our little Harry has taken to our bed,thoroughly fed up with himself as he can`t get to his favorite place for sleeps,he even unmade the bed so he could get under the quilt to hide from the noise.
Anyway i have been buying a couple of quilts from my friend Heath he owns our local sewing supply shop,well its a lot more than that actually he knows everything about sewing quilts clothes and more i think you would be impressed.i will explain more at a later date about him selling his business.
So much has been happening that i can`t tell you all at once,but i have missed writing my little blog for you all to share in my little world.Do you like my new little tea cup,its a left handed cup iv never seen one before and because im left handed my eldest daughter Tracy got it for mothers day for me,i also got a beautiful scarf from my youngest daughter and its a seaside theme i shall take a photo and show you next time its so lovely..I have so much to show you but it will have to wait...i hope your all ok and enjoying the better weather,we have had terrible winds and rain just lately and im hopping for a lovely summer,so until next time.Take

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  1. Thank you for your kind thoughts in your comment on my blog.. omgosh I can imagine the dust and mess for you, but you will be cosy warm this winter so it will all be worth while.