Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Were in a mess.

 Hello once again....i feel really sorry that i have been absent for so long,well then let me explain.Do you remember way back in April when we were in a mess through central heating being fitted and every room had to be decorated,well we had a not bad summer,more busy than usual but enjoyable,teacup was never really tidied up after it was used to store our furniture.
 As you can see,so we decided it was time to sort it out,half way through we received a letter,are you ready for this !!!!.they needed to come back and rewire my little bungalow,,,i can here you ask why this let me say that when i took ill we downsized to a rented bungalow and sold our house and i do love living here now,and things have to be updated i do understand this but why didnt they do these things all together so we only had one mess.So all of our things had to be packed up again,every room had to stripped down and to bare because of the mess they said they would make.
And i must say the mess was so bad that my daughters didnt want us to stay here,but i insisted we would be ok,,that i think was a silly move,it was like the thickest fog of brick dust i think anyone could possibly make,but on a good note they did put the sockets so i could reach them as i couldnt before,as for the decorating it is now all finished ready for Christmas but it has been a very tiring 8 weeks and i still havent got everything back into the house yet,but were getting there.
On a more positive note,and im sorry for ranting on.When my granddaughter was a baby i gave her these two bears,say hello to Emily and Winston i had had them for a while they sat on my bed,well now she is growing up and is quite a trendy young girl she has given them back to me as she didnt want them to go in the loft with the rest of her toys,so hence they are back on our bed,very cute.
So inbetween all of the above i have managed to do some of my hobbies,this beautiful lightweight wool that i hope i can make a shawl with,but i must say its like crocheting with cotton,so we shall have to see how i get on with it,,when it arrived it was in such a pretty organza bag.
Also after all of the mess we decided to have new lounge furniture,so i made this little quilt to go over the rather large footstool,i used up some of my scrap stash,i love American stars and stripes,i did look on ebay for more but couldnt find any as i wanted a larger quilt but this will have to do.
I have also been working very slowly i must add on this Christmas quilt,not much more to do but time just wont let me do everything that i want to do,is it like that at your house or is it just me it can be very frustrating.,especially when i see what you my blogging friends are doing for this season,im way behind this year,i just don`t feel motivated for some reason,maybe this year has been too out of control with everything thats been going on and very tiring and i do feel tired i do admit that,i really hope that next year is quieter.So thats all for now,i hope you are all well,and staying

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