Thursday, 30 July 2015

Thank you.

I must say a big thank you to a lovely lady named Ali,who not only loves my garden but has guided me in the direction of putting a Follow me button on my blog,i did as you said and it worked(i hope,but wont know until someone tries it)so to thank you i am posting more flowers just for you.If i could personally give you the bouquet of Cinderella roses i would...but they are for you Ali.                                          
I hope that you my dear blogging friends are all well,how is your summer where you live,we are having a shockingly wet one,but we hope for better weather next month.!!!!at the moment im trying to get on with my new crochet project as i told you i have been ill with the shingles and started it then,but i must say that its not growing as quickly as i wanted it to,well with everyday things we can only do so much before other things interfere or invade your space,so when this happens this lovely cup and saucer get frequent use.
This little book cover as you can see is rather pretty,i made several a few years ago and gave them away as you never know when you forget a friends birthday or just to say thank you to someone,i think they are a great little gift my grandchildren gave them to teachers when they moved class as a thank you...note to self i must make some more.
Do you like this rather large bag that i made?it was made so i could carry all of my sewing things together especially when making a quilt,the large inside pockets are big enough for everything you need and more.everything on the outside of the bag i have done by hand..i love hand sewing and applique work.
The lining fabric i loved so much as its all coloured dress making pins very appropriate dont you think,but it took quite some time to do all of the hand sewing but i must say i enjoyed it immensely.I have been looking in tea cup cottage for a template....i cant find it and theirs no wonder,its packed to the rafters with stuff i should put away,things i dont use very often i should put in a box and mark it.
For some reason i have Christmas fabric mixed with Linens,are you the same we just get carried away when making something it never goes back to where it should,well thats it then i must have an afternoon sorting it all out..if one little afternoon will be enough i can here myself laughing already.Well i think thats all for this time,i shall keep on watching your blogs happy and stay safe until next time.x.Una.x.


  1. Awww thank you Una just glad it worked for you x

  2. You flowers are so beautiful! They are making us smile ☺ Thank you for following our blog, Una♥