Saturday, 8 October 2016

flying by.

Well hello,i hope i find you all well and enjoying life,i cant believe that my last post was in January,where has the time gone its just flown.I want to thank you all as in my absence you have all still been visiting my blog,as i have been visiting yours and i have enjoyed very many good reads along the way,hints and tips that have cheered me up no end.,so far this year we have had fun with our family so not much crafting really,but i have done a little crochet but no sewing to speak of,as you can see i am finding fabrics out to start a project and my youngest grandson would like a quilt for his room. 
As you can see my little friend is also enjoying himself and keeping me on my toes,if i sit at my kitchen table for lunch he has to be on his daddys chair opposite me,bless him hes so cute and spoilt and now i think hes more spoilt as my darling has retired,yes he has he retired in June,but he has plenty to keep him happy as he is building a small garden railway and it is looking quite good,so between this and walking Harry hes very well occupied .
I finally found my hexagon templates,i looked every where and my eldest daughter Tracy had them,so now i can start my new cushions for our bed,i have seen some beautiful hexagon quilts on a blog but i dont think i could sit that long making them all,so a small project with them will have to do.
Look at my lovely Peony`s,shall i make you smile,,well last year they got ruined with all of the rain we had so this year my darling fixed umbrellas over them,and yes it worked i had beautiful bloomes that lasted until they died naturally,but we are thankful that we had such a fabulous summer,outdoor living and dining what more can we ask.
This was a little apple tree but to my horror had to be taken out to make way for the garden railway,as lots of things had to be moved out of that part of the garden  but as thing are coming along quite nicely with it i didnt mind,so we gave it away to a good home.As im writing this blog i feel as if iv missed something i dont know what but if this dosent go acording to plan i know iv done something wrong(again)its been so long since my last one i have forgoten how to upload photos from my i pad into my blogs so that i shall have to figure out again ,so if this dosent turn out you know why!!!!!
Do you remember me buying this wool,at the time i was in love with it,i really was....until i tried to crochet with word its like sewing thread my crochet stitches were so tiny i just could not do it,not only were they tiny i could not see the pattern,i know im a coward for giving up but at least im being honest about it,i have seen so many beautiful garments and shawls made with this fine wool and i just wanted to make one for myself,i am disappointed very actualy but i will love fine garments from afar or buy them.
This is the last lot of fabric to be sorted out in teacup cottage all of the rest has been done,i left this until last as its christmas fabric well some of it and i will start a few gift projects soon,,im sure you all have at least one messy fabric cupboard we wouldn`t be fabric lovers otherwise.Anyway i hope you enjoy reading my blog and i wont leave it so long until the next one.,so you all take care and stay

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  1. Well hello lovely lady... I see some very nice fabric, can't wait to see what you create! Tina Marie