Thursday, 30 March 2017

 This photo was taken four years ago on our ruby wedding anniversary,on Saturday it will be 45years we've had our ups and downs just like everyone does,but every minute was worth it,my best friend and my love.i am trying to do this blog on my I pad,things are not going as I want them to,so I will explain the rest of my photos from here.This is a Christmas tree I made a few years ago it was and still does adorn a beauty salon at Christmas and I have just found the pattern so I shall masked more this year.As you know we have a little dog called Harry,well he is ill,he started a few years ago to have ceasures and it's got worse,he's on medication now as he has a liver problem and a lesion on his brain,at the moment he can still be playful but soon tires,we are trying to keep him for as long as we can but one things get painful for him we will have to do the right thing by him,ok I must say thank you to you all for still visiting my blog I know it's been a while but once I get this silly I pad to do what I want it will be easier to do more,for now you all take care,.Una.,xxx

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