Friday, 17 July 2015

Flowers and crochet.

 Hello again,i hope i find you all well and enjoying summer wherever you are in the world.Our summer didn`t start to well as i hurt my back in late May and it put me out of action for a few weeks,i had just started to feel well again then low and behold i came down with shingles and i might say that the pain at times has been unbearable i have shed tears with this awful virus,but today i have no pain so hopefully im on the mend.Our garden is looking lovely,some of the flowers are adorable colours.
 Some of my plants didn`t do so well last year and i thaught they would have died through the winter months so im pleased that they look so pretty this year.
 Im having some beautiful roses and they are bigger and more fragrant than ever,it must have been the food we put down in the autumn ready for winter,im not sure your supposed to do that but it obviously did some good so i shall do the same this year.
 We have had very beautiful Peony`s these must be one of my favorite flowers,i don`t know about you but i do wish they would last all summer,such a happy flower that does not last long enough to be truly appreciated,most of the time they get heavily rained on then fall over with the weight,i was really bad this year and cut them to bring into the house....
 Just a few of them that waited to bloom after the heavy rain had gone,the garden smelt divine.
 This is what my darling did for me when i didn`t feel well,i really wanted to sit out to do some crochet but it was a little chilly so he lit the chiminea bless him and we had a lovely time and look what i got finished.
 Yes finally its all done!!!!!.What do you think?to say im not a crocheter i don`t think i did to bad,its the exact size i what do you think,,,do you think i should do a border around the edge,i have enough wool left (i think)but i dont want to mess it up,i might go to Lucy at Attic 24 to learn how to edge,after all its her ripple blanket pattern so its only fitting to do her edging,maybe at a later date as its quite heavy i should make it a winter project and be warm at the same time.
It looks quite cute all folded up neatly,you wouldn`t think it so big as to fit a king size bed,anyway i have with much enthusiasm started a new ripple blanket,we are having new lounge furniture and i want this one to match sooooo watch this space and i will show you next time.I have been watching all of your blogs and the wonderful things you are all up to this summer and i must say im thoroughly enjoying myself with you all..i have a question for you savy do i get to put a follow me tag on my blog..iv a couple of ladies that want to follow me but i dont have this and dont know how to do it..HELP...well until next time stay safe..have more fun..but take care..xx Una xx.


  1. Your roses look beautiful and I bet the scent is fragrant too.. love the blanket, I don't think it needs a border, I didn't put a border on mine.. I thought I was one of your followers but I wasn't so put that right! Happy gardening and crocheting!!

  2. Your garden looks beautiful Una and congratulations on completing your ripple blanket, wow king size, that must have taken you a while to do! I don't know how to add followers on blogspot but on blogger I go into 'layout' the icon looks a bit like a page with a drop down arrow next to it, click on the drop down arrow and select 'layout'. Once in layout down the side bar there is an option for 'add a gadget' click on this and it gives you options to add all sorts of things one of which is for followers. Maybe blogspot has something similar? I am sure someone with a blogspot account will come along and help you. Ali x